Interesting! Here is the original blog post with more details: https://www.kentik.com/blog/the-mystery-of-as8003/


On the comments i found this one by BobinMinnesota

Is it a coincidence that one of the persons who launched the shell company Global Resource Systems LLC back 15 years ago, which has always been located in Boca Raton, and that now houses and handles more than one out of every 20 IPv4 addresses around the world via a secret transfer given to the company by the Pentagon in the last 3 minutes of Trump’s term, is also a person that was employed as a director for American Media Operations, Inc, which is also located in Boca Raton?

If you remember, America Media Operations, Inc. is the company that was brought into the Mueller investigation for burying stories for Trump that might hurt him politically.

So it seems that the person who is tied to this shell company also worked for a person who was under investigation with Mueller for various things.



Anybody here any theories?

The statement from Mr Goldstein is pure gibberish. It sounds like he doesn’t know what’s going on either.

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