Africa Is Choosing China over the U.S.: The Case of Cape Verde - CovertAction Magazine

In February the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, made it a priority to phone Rui Figueiredo, the Foreign Affairs and Defense Minister of Cape Verde. They spoke about commerce and “security.” Why is the tiny African nation of Cape Verde (population 550,000) a U.S. priority? It is because the U.S. is behind China in the latest “scramble for Africa.”


Well, at the end of the day there is a historical wound that white colonialists countries inflicted on Africa as a continent that hinders their current relationship. In some ways this also applies to the United States.

Meanwhile China has the same plans that US had for Mexico when they created the TLCAN, but nobody complains since China has never had belligerent relations with Africa. Is an alliance where i personally find Africa to be on the disadvantageous side.


I’ll comment this here too:

One side called them shithole countries, the other side cancelled billions of their debt, helped them build infrastructure and is committed to providing them COVID vaccines.

Bet that was a tough decision. African governments aren’t stupid, they have analyzed the situation too, and far more so than you or I as detached westerners. Why would they deliberately choose the worst of the two options if China really is worse?

If China’s option is so bad, how worse is the Western hegemonic option, that countries are preferring China?

Daniel Dumbrill really said catchy stuff, that stuck to my head.

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