information from it was used to prosecute 736 Post Office employees between 2000 and 2014

That’s on average one prosecution per week.

I’m guessing, this is spread out across the whole UK, so maybe it appeared less, but still, how do you run so many prosecutions for several years without considering that it can’t be the humans at fault?


How were they losing millions, enough to make arrests and everything, and no one checked the books? Seems crazy to me.


Earlier this month the chief executive of the Post Office said that Horizon would be replaced with a new, cloud-based solution.

They will never learn not to trust proprietary software for law enforcement. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cloud-based or not, if you can’t inspect and fix the software, it should be illegal to use it for law enforcement.


Where did the money really go, if these guys didn’t steal it?

it happened because software was taken at its word.

By who? What is his punishment going to be?

the Post Office’s legal department was aware that the software could produce inaccurate results,

So it’s not any software’s fault. There was a conspiracy within the post office.

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