Cleaning up old reddit accounts as is usual. A lot of them now give me “wrong password” when I try to login over Tor. I know the password isn’t worong and the account can’t be compromised because the password is unique 30 char alphanumeric generated with Keepass.

I also know because Reddit will say “new password cannot match old password” so they keep your old password!

All the accounts are made over Tor. If you send password reset to your email you can get the account back but if you didn’t give an email it’s stuck there forever.

Another reason to start avoiding Reddit as much as possible, or if you must then make a new account and don’t hold on to it.


I now just seen that even if you reset your password, if you log out, reddit will say it’s the wrong password again! This just happened to me, I reset 1 hour ago a password. Logout and clear Tor session, I come back to reply to post comment and reddit says “wrong password”

This is prettty nuts

Hope this is the right sub.

Yeah, I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t access any of my accounts anymore.

Some time last year new registrations from tor became shadow banned by default. So that site has effectively blocked tor. I guess it’s read only mode.


It is a shame. because there are lots of unique communities there to ask questions for…

I suppose to maintain privacy you can do Tor -> VPN (paid in cash or anon crypto) and make a reddit account that way. A lot of effort for a little bit of something.

unique communities there to ask questions for

I think that’s declined in value. The information is low fidelity. I have to sift through more noise or make sure users aren’t acting in bad faith which is a common problem now. The platform is running on its old reputation at this point.

There are can be found independently run message board / wiki style communities for certain topics. Communities that are based on objective information as opposed to centering around social networking as reddit has become.

I suppose to maintain privacy you can do Tor -> VPN (paid in cash or anon crypto) and make a reddit account that way. A lot of effort for a little bit of something.

It becomes a payware site. Not worth it.


For some reason the new UI does that, but logging in works fine.


I know this is an old reply but this was happening, and still happens, with I also just reset the password and immediately got the error message, but logging in through new reddit was fine.


Yeah, that happened to me too.

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