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Its hysterical to see anti-racism in the midst of a racist screed like that.


I can’t believe what a total joke anarchy has become !
“Be Ungovernable” some people still believe in having little freedoms under class slavery !


I’m sure you have to say something important, but I don’t totally get it. Do you mean that the authors of this text are still operating within or being complicit with a system in which their freedoms are effectively reduced, and so when they’re like “16 Things You Can Do…”, it’s kinda like putting a bandaid to a victim of a stroke?

If so, I wonder if these people are really ‘still operating within or being complicit’. Regardless, and still assuming this is what you mean, I wonder what the alternative is. A commune? An intentional community?


“16 Things You Can Do…”, it’s kinda like putting a bandaid to a victim of a stroke?

you made a good analogy there I know may response is late, and I can’t elaborate on it enough without writing pages upon pages of rumbling rubbish.

I will try and be concise. Being (or believing in) the core concept of anarchy. I can’t conceptualize how any of us could live in anarchy and be ungovernable while living under many layers of external authority.
To a few of us, maybe as a conscious relief, felt the need to organize and come to the help of others who are quashed by the system. while mutual aid is good, we are still living and operating under this same system, and feeding the system as much as others do. I don’t want to cast doubt on the intention of such groups, but simply calling these acts rebellion and becoming ungovernable is a fallacy. we are not willingly coercive with the system but if any anarchist chooses to live then obeying the system is the way to do so.

We can’t have anarchy under Capitalism.
We can’t have anarchy under communism.
We can’t have anarchy under any form of authoritarianism
We can’t have True “Real” anarchy under any form of social authority what-so-ever

Capitalism, Feudalism, communism, what ever system humanity has created before is a product of societal authoritarianism.

I am so glad that this comment added to the conversation and wasn’t just pointless dribble.


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