A project idea: will it be useful?

I want to propose an idea for a project that I want to implement, but I don’t know if it will be useful to anyone.

  • It will be an engine for creating thematic websites (like “communities” here or groups in FB).
  • The main section will be a place where users can post their submissions (it will be possible to turn on pre-moderation or turn off ability to submit posts at all).
  • There will be ability to make multiple “sections” - for example first for user-submitted posts and discussions, second for site news, third for pictures gallery, etc.
  • You’ll be able to change the appearance of the sections - it can look like a forum, like a newsfeed (as in social networks), maybe something else.
  • The tech stack will be based on PHP/MySQL - i want it to be installable on any shared hosting.
  • The process of installation and configuration also will be simpler than in other fediverse projects.
  • It will be compatible with other ActivityPub-based projects, at least with Mastodon.
  • I think it’s better to make “one instance - one community”

I know that many of these features already exist in Lemmy, but i wanted to make a more customizable and user-friendly engine, which will be useful for narrowly thematic sites, like fansites.

Also, sorry for mistakes in English, it’s not my native language :(


Sound pretty much like Hubzilla. And any functionality that might be missing can be easily added with the plugin system it has.


All the points you say, match the description of the Hubzilla project. It is better choose a mature solution, than develop one from scratch that does exactly the same.

Check it out: https://hubzilla.org/page/zotlabs/home


whuled be cool

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