You can support this channel on Patreon! Link below These days a VCR seems more quaint than anything else. But in fact, there's a device inside every VCR that solved what seemed to be an unsolvable problem. The video head drum is a fascinating solution to the complex problem of tape speed, and therefore I think it deserves to be remembered. Plus, the video head drum shares some motor technologies with modern hard disk drives. So there's that. For more videos like this, be sure to hit Subscribe! I'm doing my best to bring videos like this your way. Thanks for watching! You can support Technology Connections through Patreon! Find me here: D-VHS demo video from Techmoan: Image credits! VERA -- Kinescope -- Kinescope 2 -- Telecine, Rotary Transformer, Slip Ring Pickup—Wikimedia Commons Quadruplex: -- Quadruplex 2 -- Quadruplex Heads --

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