New firefox is very ugly.

I think the new firefox is very ugly and my old changed theme that made it look like google chrome doesnt work properly anymore. Just felt like sharing my feelings twards this change.

  • Edit: I noticed that My firefox Dev was changed, but the normal firefox on school computers didn’t, so I am assuming this is some change it happened to maybe just dev?

I don’t understand why anyone would think making tabs look like buttons is a good idea. I don’t love using macOS but when it comes to interface language design, Apple knows their shit. And they immediately knew that making a mixture of mobile & desktop designs will be a bad idea, and they never thought “hey, let’s make tabs look like buttons”.

It doesn’t even make sense, tabs have a direct translation in the real world.


As long as Firefox is customizable via CSS, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for me personally.

Though I’m just worried if massive change would break old CSS themes.

Zoë Tech Corner

It did break the one I was using a little bit “MaterialFox” on github.


Just use Basilisk or a based one with the Photon theme.

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