Mattermost and Element have both expressed concerns with hCaptcha, and I found a summary of one in a Github issue here:

Tl;dr hCaptcha isn’t exactly the free reCaptcha service many people think it is. It has it’s own bag of privacy and effectiveness issues.


Agree, its still fully proprietary, not accessible, and has a “dude trust me” license, so we don’t use it in lemmy.


Dont have an answer for you, but wanted to know where you see this at (account creation)?

Having used both the LBRY and Odysee front end I don’t see a spot for a captcha but wanted to be in the loop.

If youve got the time to contact support directly and see if they comment?

Zoë Tech Corner

I got a reCaptcha at rewards confirmation or something I believe.


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep an eye out next time I login!

Which is which? I guess reCaptcha is the one which uses us to train Google’s AI to identify roadside features?

Zoë Tech Corner

ReCaptcha is owned by google indeed, hCaptcha is a privacy friendly captcha.


I’m sure you’re right that hCaptcha doesn’t have plenty of the Google-associated privacy problems, but it’s possible that hCaptcha has its “own bag of privacy and effectiveness issues”?

I’d love to see a captcha based on drawing your interpretation of a three-word randomly generated text.

I think you could never teach a robot to do that in a way a human would find convincing.

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