Account switcher behavior

I have two Lemmy accounts, both configured into Lemmur (running on LineageOS 17.1). I don’t understand the account switcher behavior.

When I go to the accounts tab and change the account from the dropdown at the top of the screen, then I can see the account details below. When I go back to the timeline tab, I still see the previous account timeline.

It seems the only way to change the timeline contents is to change the default account: going to the accounts tab, then clicking on the gear at the top right, then going into the “Accounts” submenu, longpressing on the desired account and clicking on “Set as default”. That’s a pain :(

Is that the expected behavior or did I miss something?

I already reset and reinstalled the app a few times, the behavior is still the same.

Are both accounts logged in to the same instance?


Yes, both on

Ok bear with me for a moment:

Lemmur has 2 concepts of default accounts:

  1. global default account for the whole app (used in places like saved or inbox) - to set it you used the account switched in the profile tab from the dropdown (as you described).
  2. default account per instance (used everytime you interact with some instance) - to set it you go to the settings and long press the desired account (as you described)

However these two are separate concepts and do not interact with each other in any way. We did not expect that someone would be switching their default account in a given instance so often hence it is more hidden.

What solution would you propose to this problem? We are open to suggestions


OK, I understand why the behavior seemed unclear to me :)

I’ve got two accounts on the same instance to separate the concerns. One is for tech stuff, the other one is for the rest (politics, cooking, whatever). I’d like the whole context to change when I select a given account. (The way Slide for Reddit works, for example)

My usage is more a transposition of centralized services, your approach (I guess) is more fediverse-oriented (you create an account on the instance(s) matching your interests).

If you think “my” approach should be implemented, just let me know and I’ll submit an issue on the repo.

In the meantime (or definitely, depending on your answer) I’ll install Lemmur in the work profile so I can have both accounts at the same time.

So you would propose that changing the global default account would also change the default account for the instance? I am afraid it would be annoying/confusing for those that use multiple instances


I’m not impartial enough to be able to answer something constructive ;)

The way I’m using Lemmur (and other apps), it’s not intuitive that selecting an account doesn’t globally change the whole context of the applications. But I can’t imagine the drawbacks for multi-instance users.

If any multi-instance Lemmur user is watching this thread, what’s your point of view?

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