UC-Berkeley Report Claims Electric Cars Will Save Americans $2.7 Trillion, Create 2 Million Jobs
A report by UC Berkeley claims a transition to all electric vehicles by 2035 would save Americans $2.7 trillion while adding 2 million new jobs to the economy.

A new report by the University of California at Berkeley makes several bold claims. First, it says all new cars and trucks sold in the US can be electric by 2035. Second, making the transition to electric vehicles will save American households $1000 a year on average between now and 2050, for total savings of $2.7 trillion. Third, the transition to electric cars and trucks will create a net gain of 2 million jobs. Fourth, the changeover will prevent 150,000 premature deaths and avoid $1.3 trillion in environmental and health costs through 2050.

In summary, the EV revolution will net the US economy 2 million new jobs and allow the nation to reap direct and indirect savings of $4 trillion in the next 30 years. How is all that possible? Check out the report for yourself.

See https://cleantechnica.com/2021/04/20/uc-berkeley-report-claims-electric-cars-will-save-americans-2-7-trillion-create-2-million-jobs/

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