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ugh... lo!

It will not work, I already tried it without signature spoofing.

IIRC, you should patch system’s services.jar, otherwise micro g will be installed, but won’t work


Which ROM are you using? The only one where microG worked for me was LineageOs with microG, so where microG was baked in. I tried numerus times to get the microg installed with a rooted LOS and finally gave up. I am using my phone since 2 yrs now without Google or microG, so plain LineageOS. All the apps I need work just fine but I use only F-Droid apps with Signal taken directly from theit website.


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wouldnt aurora store / you downloading the xapk file from a browser work?


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You could patch your ROM to add signature spoofing with Nanodroid’s patcher. I had success with it on my Redmi Note 8 back when I used stock LineageOS.

It may not be supported on your phone/Android version though. Also make sure to read the important parts of Nanodroid’s README if you plan on using it to install microG too. Ask me if you need any help with the process!

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