Ublock origin

Side note : “PRIVACY REDIRECT” is a firefox add on that redirects websites to their FOSS front end alternatives : Youtube > invidious
twitter > nitter
Reddit > libredd.it
Instagram > Bibliogram
Google maps > OpenStreetMaps

I love Bibliogram, but every instance I try to use ends up getting blocked by Instagram within a week or so, it seems :(

Nice suggestion, will replace Invidition.

privacy redirect

it redirects twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and reddit links to a random (or a user chosen) nitter, invidious, bibliogram, and libreddit instance.

Nice! For people who already have EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere installed, it can totally do the same thing!


On top of the ones mentioned already, I also use decentraleyes:


From the FF add-on page:

“Protects you against tracking through “free”, centralized, content delivery. It prevents a lot of requests from reaching networks like Google Hosted Libraries, and serves local files to keep sites from breaking. Complements regular content blockers.”

LocalCDN is similar but supposedly works for more libraries, and is supposedly updated more often.


Thanks, will check it out. Haven’t heard of it before

uBlock Origin medium mode, LocalCDN.

For covering extra bases, Invidition for converting YouTube and Twitter links automatically, and Resurrect Pages so I can visit archive.is or Wayback Machine versions of privacy invasive websites or 404 old sites.


Not mentioned yet : “Forget me not” for dealing with cookies. Needs a bit of configuration for it to work like I want to but I like it a lot. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/forget_me_not though https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cookie-autodelete might do the same for you. And I use different FF profiles for different things (e.g. regular browsing vs. on-line shopping), with different add-ons, which is a bit of a hassle, but it allows me to not have just one browser finger print. Of course I hope that more people will start to do that, so that I won’t create a unique real life finger print, and having to be careful to say i r l that I use different FF profiles, because I will be recognized immediately :)

All the ones that have already been mentioned aside, I think temporary containers coupled with Firefox Multi-Account Containers is a criminally underrated combo. I have temporary containers in “auto mode”, so every new tab is in a new container, and in case I want to use some long-lived session, I explicitly open it in a normal Firefox container.

I just use uBO myself. And (hopefully) good OpSec practice.

The core extensions for me are always a combination of uBO and uMatrix, using the latter to block scripts, xhr and cookies on all sites.

That leaves javascript disabled by default but I can whitelist what I need, either temporarily or permanent by saving the rules for frequently used sites or domains.

But it’s not for everyone, because it requires micromanaging what you allow.


Plenty of great suggestions already, and I echo most of them, but I’m going to add two that I haven’t see mentioned:

  • Luminous for blocking specific JavaScript events and event handlers (I use it mainly for reducing the effectiveness of session recording).

  • uMatrix for blocking site (anti)features such as scripts, cookies, media, XHR, etc on a per-domain per-site basis. IMO it provides the most granular control among all the similar blockers.

Sadly, it seems they’re both no longer being developed, but they still work fine for the time being. I’ve also been thinking of picking up the Luminous codebase in the future.


As far as I understand, Luminous doesn’t block anything (at least not by default), right? It is only to show javascript events? Which events do you block?

I block mousemove, touchmove and scroll, and other events which are basically these but with a different name.

I haven’t seen anyone mention ScriptSafe, which I really like for granular control of javascript!

It also has some fingerprinting protections, among other features.


I didn’t know about that one, looks great. I could never trust 100% NoScript since this happened, it’s nice to see a good open source alternative.


Librewolf. It is firefox with good defaults.


AdNauseam blocks ads, but also click them, generating noise that scramble your profile and generates financial loss to advertises that uses tracking.


Thanks for mentioning that. Looks like an interesting and fun project !


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I also say ublock origin or umatrix sadly kinda discontinued. And of course privacy redirect! Big fan of keeping google and other Scharlatans away


imo, DNS is where it’s at. I use ahadns, sometimes adguard dns, but if you are more “obsessive”, “curious”, try nextdns. Only extension I use is Ublock Origin.


Not an extension but pihole for the wifi network and blockada on the go (android) filter a lot of tracking requests.


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