Suggestion to change of direction of TILvids

If we go to TILvids most liked page, we can see that some channels are consistently doing better. Many of them gaining many hundreds of views. TILvids, thelinuxexperiment, geotechdigital, pine64tilvids, smartyflix, infosecbytes. All these channels are about technology. Other types of content doesn’t get as much attention.

I think the reason this kind of content is doing well is because people visiting tilvids are among the audience that care for digital issues. They may visit TILvids because they want to make a difference. Perhaps not so much to be entertained.

In the about page, we can see that the purpose of TILvids is to be a place for educational entertainment videos. However, the kind of content that is doing well is much narrower than this. There’s a mismatch between what TILvids claim to be about and what content is actually doing well.

TILvids is a brand and that requires good branding. If there is mismatch between what it claims to be and what it actually is, it will be harder to advertise. It makes it easier for creators to join the team. It makes it easier to share the webpage with similiar minded people.

My suggestion

Narrow the purpose of TILvids to educational videos that are compatable with the people’s digital interests. Interests such as ensuring digital rights for individuals and communities.

I don’t mind if you disagree, but I just wanted to throw it out there.


Hey, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback! I certainly appreciate hearing ideas about ways to make the community better.

To be honest, the videos with the most views typically fall into two categories:

  1. The creator already has a following and they post TILvids links to their social media profiles. Geotechdigital and Pine64 are good examples of this.

  2. The video gets picked up and posted to a Reddit sub that has lots of members.

The channels about digital rights, Linux, open-source, etc. generally do better because their creators care passionately about building alternatives to YouTube, and so they don’t mind promoting their TILvids links. For the channels that aren’t about digital-rights, most of them have simply agreed to let TILvids use their content, but they don’t actively promote their TILvids channel, they promote their YouTube channel.

I do completely agree that we should keep our community narrow, which is why I didn’t set out to create a general YouTube replacement where anyone could upload anything. However, by focusing very narrowly on only tech/digital rights, the audience pool will be very small. I also think there are other instances catering well to that crowd (i.e. PrivacyTools). Is that the right approach? I guess time will tell. TILvids is definitely a living experiment. :)

Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it!


Thanks for replying. It’s nice to hear your thoughts on this :)


Absolutely! I hope that TILvids can become a great example of how to do a PeerTube instance right, and that many other communities arise around targeted instances of content!


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