We know that the history of all know societies is the history of class struggle, invluding slave societies (ancient greece, ancient rome) and feudal societies (middle age europe). So there must have been revolutions from the oppressed classes against their respective ruling classes. Are there any Marxist texts that describe these revolutions?


I haven’t read all these, but here’s some that I know of:

  • https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt183h0q4 - this is supposed to be good, going over things like the bronze age
  • engels - origin of the family, private property, and the state. I’ve read this and it’s very good. Focuses on the transition from hunter gathering to agriculture.
  • parenti - assassination of julius caesar , supposed to be very good for rome.
  • Cockshott - how the world works. I’m halfway done with this, it’s more focused on how historical tech and material advancements changed the nature of classes, and less about specific countries, but it’s good so far. Has good stuff on slave societies and tech, and feudal ones.
  • Hobsbawms ages series, I’ve read parts of this, I personally didn’t like it too much tho.
  • I forget which books but marx and engels wrote a good deal about the medieval era. There was also some very good parts of this recent book I read, divided world, divided class, than went over the medieval transition to capitalism.

Interesting, thank you!

Álvaro Cunhal - As lutas de classes em Portugal nos fins da Idade Média

I guess a bit niche, and I’m pretty sure there’s no English translation

Bond Men Made Free: Medieval Peasant Movements and the English Peasant Rising of 1381 by Rodney Hilton is supposed to be a good analysis of the English Peasants’ Revolt; an abortive attempt by the bourgeoisie and the peasants to end serfdom. The English would later go on to achieve bourgeois dominance of the state during the English Civil War, another historical process worth looking at if you want to see how capitalism developed in England.

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