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I think he’s a positive force as far as awareness goes. He will display ways of making windows, ios or google android safe because he is trying to appeal to a very broad audience. The peoole he wants to reach are mainly non technical.

As for the bad, he has a “leave me alone and don’t make me pay taxes” kind of vibe going for him, almost like an ancap. That is not the focus of his talks though, just heard him mention here and there. That kind of stance is common among tech media creators though, and I never saw him promoting that.

For me, he actually pushed me towards degoogling my life. Overall, he touches on lots of privacy - related topics and I feel that he is being 100% honest. Sure, he may be wrong in some cases, but it’s just being wrong, not malice.

He is stupidly stubborn though.


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Yeah, he can be a stubborn dumbass. The only way to use Windows safely is how ExplainingComputers guy (excellent youtube channel btw) uses Windows 7 because he insists in using some ancient version of some ancient video editor - completely offline.


How are VPNs not good for privacy? They don’t make you anonymous, no, but they help hide your Internet traffic from your ISP.

Although I prefer to use open source software, i will trust some paid proprietary software. There’s just not enough open third parry apps for everything…


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