Want to make a 1kb site/blog

I want to make a 1kb clean and simple website/blog (like https://250kb.club/) without JavaScript, any advice, or should I just code from HTML every page/article?


I’d recommend using a static site generator e.g. Hugo, Zola They use a template engine to create the pages, so you can write all your pages in markdown and these get built into slots in your templates. This gives you the freedom to write a very lightweight template such that each page is your template header plus your converted markdown. I’ve not touched Hugo in a while, but writing a Zola theme is quite straightforward and minimal.


My website weighs around 2kB and is written in pure HTML/CSS. You can check out the code on my GitHub


Nice, thats a pretty and simple website!


As someone with a sub250kb website (30.45KB), I can recommend to look into HTML templating things. Stuff like Jinja2 or the Go HTML templater. Then you write raw HTML with some CSS.

This also makes my ADHD want me to make a sub 1kB webpage out of what I have atm, though it might be hard considering it includes a 4KB image.


If you want to keep it as simple as possible, just use HTML. I don’t even know what you can put in 1kb of HTML if you leave out all the head meta data. Have to try that out.

Well, really short posts. I only write a few paragraphs and the plain text is over 4kB!


Use the most basic HTML elements, sections, paragraphs, headings. No need to go fancy.

That is, in my case, the markdown I generate from. So pretty minimal.


That is already pretty minimal, but why the 1kb? As the website that is mentioned is 250kb max. That is quite the difference.

I don’t have 1kB as a target, it’s simply impossible unless I make the reader read my stuff in gzip. I just mentioned that your posts have to be really short to even be able to make a 1kB site like OP wants to


Yeah sorry, i misplaced the OP and you with your wants and needs, so interpreted your comment differently. But yeah getting a 1KB site is super hard! But it is a nice challenge.


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Just serve static files


My blog (~50KB) is fairly minimal, but for me 1kb is way too much of a constraint. It would sacrifice too much functionality. I like to keep things tiny, tidy and stupid, but still usable/functional.

I’d personally say, just code it by hand. If it’s just gonna be only a few pages then this will be easy.

Neocities is perfect for sites like these.


Thanks! I already have a website (retiolus.net), I just want to make it more simple and less complicate to code.

You fools, to achieve maximum light speed on websites loading, you need to write it’s code on a paper, so then you have a 0KB website, gg ez.

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