Crypto will always persist in some form, but the future of crypto as an institution—as something that might one day destabilize the big banks, or at least operate in parallel—has never been less certain.

I am optimistic on this. I like the technology, especially the more basic ‘digital cash’ crypto implementations, and I still think that crypto has a good chance of operating in parallel. The concept is revolutionary, and the technology is still going through the early phases of development. Decentralized exchanges and price stability will (hopefully) eventually arrive, and with that we will see an increase in adoption. Whether speculators win or lose money, or centralized exchanges turn out to be running sketchy operations, will cause ripples in the short term - but I don’t think that really changes the fundamental idea of private digital cash. The volatility at the moment makes it difficult for true adoption to really take off - users will often exchange fiat for crypto shortly before using it, or exchange crypto into fiat as soon as they receive it, in order to avoid the price fluctuations. But the hype and volatility can’t last forever… I think (or, I hope) that once the speculative hype cools off for a while and prices stabilize we will be able to see some progress.


Cuz, this is the fight. This is when all countries choose to fight progress or stand with progress…or like in the US, fight progress and then stand with it.


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