when (or if) someone reads this, It would be nice to have a summary of it. I don’t have time to read it.

Felipe Forte

From the abstract in the link:
“Lenin once defined imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism,since ownership was separated from the function of management, i.e., big capital was divorced from the running of enterprises, which was in the hands of professional managers. Nowadays, neo-imperialism is the final stage of imperialism because big capital is separated from production itself, and relies on its power to appropriate the benefits. Lenin maintained that the imperialist stage of capitalism emerged in Europe around the beginning of the twentieth century; this article holds that the stage of neo-imperialism emerged in the 1970s. In Lenin’s view, the key economic characteristic of imperialism was the export of capital. In this article, the export of paper money is considered the key economic characteristic of neo-imperialism. Since exchanging paper money for gold ceased to be possible following the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, this money in essence amounts to IOUs. Furthermore, neo-imperialism utilizes intellectual property rights to exact rents, and charges carbon tributes for excess carbon emissions. Neo-imperialist nations that export IOUs engage in struggles against one another as changes occur in their relative strength. The end of neo-imperialism and the complete demise of capitalism are not only inevitable, but also not particularly distant.”


Oh, my bad.

I just finished it, but it’s packed in terms of content and I’m still sort of processing it and mulling it over.

Basically, it talks about inter-imperialist rivalry wtihin the imperialist camp and now the US imperializes other countries through its currency and enforced globalization. There’s a lot more to it than that and I’m simplifying things as my financial/economic knowledge is not up to par, but through the use of prioritizing IOUs (its own) and enforcing that everyone uses their currency, they can more readily manipulate the markets that people have access to.

Again, complicated, though you definitely get the gist reading the actual paper, which is about 25 pages long.

Does the link not work?

thank you comrade _

I haven’t tried the link, but it should work


Gotcha, and thanks.

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