Favorite Personal Finance Management Software?

My credit union recently shut down their in-house personal finance management site because it was too much work to maintain and they don’t see it as competitive with freely available sites like mint.com.

Now, I’m looking for something to switch to and I’m curious what software the community here uses to manage their personal finances.


I think GNU Cash is pretty good

I use an Android app on F-Droid called MoneyWallet. It works pretty well and if you set it up right it can offer some sorts of analytic data for you.


I use this and its fantastic for basic logging. It might not be the best for business applications but I love it for personal use.


I just use a spreadsheet.

I’ve heard good things about cozy.io but it seems focused on Europe.


If you enjoy over engineering things check out beancount (or ledger/hledger)!


Thanks for all the suggestions! A lot of GNUCash fans!


Is not GNU Cash for that already?


ledger + emacs


i don’t really use it but kmymoney seems nice


Kresus is a nice one https://kresus.org/


I personally use HomeBank.


Hello from KDE land. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to using these things, but I see people mentioning GNU Cash, so I’ll just throw in that Skrooge is the only one of these kinds of programs I’ve ever been able to figure out how to even use. Though that might just be some peculiarity regarding me personally.


GNU Cash is pretty confusing and it runs pretty slow on my computer. It has a learning curve and probably hundreds of features which less than 1% of its userbase actually use.

But I have found that it’s flexible enough to do most things I want, and I can write python scripts to automate stuff, so I think it’s good enough for anything despite its flaws


Automation through scripting? I can see how that could be useful, maybe I should give it another try, or see if Skrooge has that and I’m just overlooking it.


i use cospend but it’s more for tracking shared expenses.

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