I am trying to setup an instance, and I have no experience with Docker or web development.

I have followed these instructions and managed to setup the default instance without issue (nice instructions, by the way).

I am now trying to follow the Theming Guide, and trying to make some small modifications. I have looked at the source of lemmy-ui and I understand how to make the changes that I want. However, since I am not familiar with Docker, I am not sure about how to build an image for the slightly modified lemmy-ui.

From my current understanding I think that if I want to make any changes to the source, I will have to build from source using these instructions. Is this correct?


You need to build a Docker image, if you forked lemmy-ui then that should be simply docker build .. Then get the built image on the server, works via Docker Hub, or by exporting to a file, transfering to the server and importing it. Then reference that image in docker-compose.yml instead of lemmy-ui.

This definitely needs to be documented better.


do you use docker containers for this instance too?


For lemmy.ml? Yes.


Thank you for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate it! This worked great. Good thing that I asked instead of trying to build a house with a hammer.


Learning how to be a proper webmaster, it’s all so tiresome…

I’m just waiting for the YunoHost fork to get sorted out, home hosting for dummies.

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