I think the border camps in US are one of the best angle to approach US human rights abuses from at the moment. US spent a lot of time trumping up supposed Uyghur abuses in Xinjiang, and people in the west have been expressing a lot of outrage over that.

Now we know that US has been doing everything it’s accusing China of doing. And it puts all the China watchers in a very uncomfortable position. Either they have to denounce US the same way they denounce China, or they have to admit that they never cared about human rights in the first place.

Let’s take a look at the scope of what’s happening in US right now and why it’s not something that can be addressed easily.

Reporters found that people, including minors, are being held in absolutely horrific conditions. One example is a “pod” designed for 32 migrant children under CDC guidelines now holding 615 at 1700% pandemic capacity. If these pictures came from China then it would be heralded as undeniable proof of genocide.

Nobody knows how many people are detained, however we know that nearly 978,000 migrants were taken into custody during Trump years, and a 100,000 have been detained in February by Biden administration with around a million migrants expected to arrive this year. So, we are talking about around a million people already and this could turn into multiple millions. The formula at work behind these camps is as follows:

number of people in camps = number of people arriving - (number settled + number deported)

Since US is not processing people even close to the rate that they’re arriving at, these camps are only going to grow. The camps are also now turning into a billion dollar industry much like US prison system.

Furthermore, it’s important to ask why there is such a flood of people coming to US. Why are countries in South America in such a state that people are fleeing them in droves. US foreign policy plays a big role here. This humanitarian crisis was largely created by US doing coups, funding death squads, overthrowing governments, drug wars, and so forth. Now that these atrocities are culminating in a refugee crisis, US decided to start building concentration camps as their preferred solution.

Good stuff.

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