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Yeah, and we’re not associated with that discord anymore - we had a mod restructuring.

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Hmm so this is why they announced a new discord server today. Not that I use such things. Isn’t it interesting whenever there’s drama in the online left it seems discord is involved in some way?

Lots of overlap between reddit, gaming and discord so you see a lot of antisocial people congregating there I guess.

I personally have never liked the idea of public chatroom because it is hard to have a coherent conversation there. I only use discord for getting support for doom-emacs.

Cassia is horrible.

By chance was that cult mentioned originally a server caused by people posting the among ass twerking gif? (I’m serious) Because my friend was in that server and was banned after Cassia in effect took it over, I think he was questioning her about imperialism or something and she banned him. I thought she was just an asshole, and seeing this post was sickening beyond belief.

Field Marshal

I don’t think it’s that server. I created among ass HQ for fun but later handed it to Cassia (idk why) who turned it into “Cassia’s cult of personality”

thanks. the reason I was asking because I am a friend of Slog, in case you know who that is.

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