Communist Party of Cuba

To the National Directorate of the Brazilian Communist Party

Dear comrades:

Arriving at a new anniversary in the midst of the difficult conditions and challenges presented in today’s world means greater commitment to a Party that since its foundation has defended the communist ideal as a social paradigm for human beings.

These moments summon us to be more articulated in the anti-imperialist struggle. Unity has been an essential factor in the victories and achievements of the Cuban Revolution for more than 60 years, and likewise in the history of struggles of the international workers’ movement. Our America needs to join efforts to achieve its true independence.

We are grateful for the permanent solidarity of your militancy with the causes defended by Cuba. The support of friends like you gives us strength to continue strengthening socialism and to victoriously confront the application of the genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States, which has intensified in the last 4 years with the application of more than 240 measures that directly affect the Cuban people.

Receive our fraternal congratulations on the 99th anniversary of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCB), convinced that righteous ideas will win, as the invincible Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro bequeathed to us.

Department of International Relations
Communist Party of Cuba / Central Committee

Communist Party of Chile

Dear comrades of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB),

Receive the most fraternal, warm and revolutionary greetings from the Communist Party of Chile on the occasion of the 99th Anniversary of the founding of your Party.

At a time when all the forces of reason and truth are imposing themselves against falsehood and the judicialization of politics as weapons of the right wing and imperialism in our Region, this new anniversary of your Party finds you fighting in the streets of your vast country, against a government that ignores the pain of a people, that as a result of the criminal policies of this government, falls prey to a pandemic that leads you to be the country most affected by it in the world.

The history of your Party is marked by great struggles in favor of the working class and the people in general, paying for this audacity with jail, banishment, assassinations, tortures, and discredit by the classes that have always been opposed to a Brazil and a better world.

The guidance of Marxism-Leninism in the past, present and future struggles of your Party reaffirms that despite the pitfalls along the way, sooner or later our ideas in defense of life and peace, social justice and national sovereignty, for democracy and socialism, will triumph over the obscurantism of those who today try to deny or rewrite the history of struggle that belongs to us as communists and revolutionaries.

Long live the 99 years of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the brotherhood of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean!


Communist Party of Argentina

Dear Comrades

In the name of our Central Committee we salute the 99th anniversary that the Brazilian communists celebrate with honor.

The beginning of the road to the centenary of your organization, as an inseparable part of the history of Brazil, finds you in the hard struggle against an ultra-right in government, which has produced a strong setback in the quality of life of the people and plunged the country into a general crisis, which is worsening with the tragic results of the irresponsible health management in the Covid 19 pandemic, which puts the entire region at risk.

After a long struggle of which you have been an important part, we observe that a defeat is being inflicted to the lawfare with the judicial resolutions that, although belatedly, annul the falsehoods with which the political and institutional life of your country was altered, with the script designed in the USA.

We express to you all our solidarity, knowing that with the orientations of Marxism and Leninism that have always inspired you, you will be able to offer great contributions to the struggles of the people and to the achievement of the unity of all the popular, democratic and leftist forces to open a new and hopeful stage in the life of Brazil.

We are united in the struggle against imperialism, for peace and solidarity among the peoples and in the efforts to advance in the internationalist unity of communists and revolutionaries, both at regional and world level.

Jorge Kreyness
Secretary of IR

Victor Kot
General Secretary

Communist Party of Bolivia

Dear Comrades:

On behalf of the leadership and militancy of the Communist Party of Bolivia we transmit through you to the brother Brazilian Communist Party our warm congratulations on its 99th founding anniversary, having developed an exemplary trajectory in the continental context.

We appreciate that the PCB has stood out for its consequence and loyalty to the workers, fundamental pillar of the process of production of social wealth, during the socio-political struggle in the difficult conditions of the current hegemony of the neoliberal regime and the health emergency due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

On this occasion, I express our best wishes for the actions undertaken by the PCB towards the configuration of popular power on the road to socialism, and the achievement of a renewed, dynamic, cohesive Party, aware of the national situation and international solidarity and resolutely committed to the great responsibility of promoting the transformation of Brazilian society.

Many congratulations, dear Brazilian comrades, from our trench in our Patria Grande, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, after overcoming through the mobilization of the masses the restoration of neoliberalism by a corrupt putschist regime at the service of the native oligarchy and North American imperialism.

Hoping for closer ties of solidarity between both parties, we send you our fraternal greetings,

Ignacio Mendoza
First Secretary of the Central Committee

Guatemalan Party of Labor


The Guatemalan Party of Labor (PGT), fraternally greets the Brazilian Communist Party on the occasion of reaching the 99th anniversary of its founding, a historic event in the path of struggle of the communists of Brazil for the construction of socialist society.

We are aware that the struggles of communists throughout the world, even with the characteristics and conditions in each of our countries, have been extremely difficult throughout history. Among the great obstacles, we communists face the permanent threat and persecution by the bourgeoisie which, through the repressive apparatus of the State, tries to annihilate us because we set as the horizon of our struggle against capitalism, an inhuman, unjust and criminal system, the construction of a society without social classes.

Brazilian communists have a long history of organization and struggle against the injustices of capitalism. It is enough to remember the hard period of the dictatorship, the resistance of the Brazilian people and the repression against their social organizations and left-wing parties, especially against the communists. Today, they are again facing the fascist right, headed by President Bolsonaro.

The particularities of the capitalism of the 21st century, more cruel, atrocious and inhuman as never before, demands that communists around the world act jointly and in coordination, without forgetting the particularities of our countries, so that the anti-capitalist struggle has better chances of success and the construction of socialism becomes a reality in the not distant future.

On this 99th anniversary of the Brazilian Communist Party, we reaffirm our solidarity with this brother party and express our fraternal and revolutionary greetings to them, while expressing the certainty that the struggles of the communists organized in the PCB will be successful in pursuit of socialism.

Long live the 99th anniversary of the Brazilian Communist Party!

For Guatemala, the revolution and socialism
Guatemalan Labor Party, PGT.

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