United States comrades, organize

Each and everyday seems to make us clear of one thing: the downfall of the capitalist empire seems inevitable. And through our study of history we are sure that when the economic conditions of the working class noticeably worsen over time, revolt is merely a matter of when.

The study of history also shows how a disorganized working class cannot respond to the necessities of a revolution, mainly, defending its own political power. We have seen this in the 1848 revolutions, the revolutionary wave of 1917-1923 after the October revolution, etc. The counter-revolution, the capitalist response to workers revolt, came in many forms, fascism, neoliberalism, right-wing populism, and other forms.

Workers in the US should organize beyond trade-unions and promote mass agitation and propaganda in all sectors. The recent spark of Asian hate crimes and liberal hate-speech against the Chinese is a sign of bourgeois reorganization of society and ideology towards a new reaction against socialist states and socialist organizing. The next wave of McCarthyist anticommunism. There’s a need to organize in communist parties to combat this ideological propaganda against the Chinese and socialism, to prevent the rise of a reactionary force.

Not all communist parties in US are currently revolutionary, CPUSA defends an openly reformist positions, however, organizing in these parties and discussing with their members the need for a revolutionary practice through critiques is at least a step further. I recommend PSL, as they seem at least theoretically grounded, although I’ve already seen some signs of eclecticism in their political views. Don’t be discouraged by this, there will never be a theoretically pure organization, because they are composed by humans prone to mistakes and learning, and theory is not something static, it’s enriched by our historical experience.

There are no excuses for not organizing. You can’t do better alone than what you would do in an organization, preferably an organization with a development of democratic centralism. The capitalists use their bourgeois media to promote propaganda against organizing, specially by smearing campaigns against these organizations. The best way for you to understand an organization before entering is by studying its history, its constitutional directions and program, and its publications in their newspapers.

There’s only so much we can do by sharing memes and funny images, and there’s no point in doing things individually. Organize as soon as you can, comrades.

I plan on joining an organization soon after my material conditions improve shortly in the coming weeks. One of the thoughts I have is concerning the overwhelming amount lf fascists & right-wing supporters in the imperial core’s people and government. There are currently refined institutions dedicated to crushing an already miserably weak ML force here, including mass surveillance, the police state, and technology providers. I am concerned with the upcoming counter-revolutionary operations and the presentation of which most of the organizations I have looked at have not addressed this clearly as a layman. My desire is a little more clarity of how a success can be managed in this climate and as a newbie, what kinds of historical precedents exists which I can draw more confidence before joining, if not steps I can take to address privacy & security concerns.

What do you mean by eclecticism? Could you elaborate?

Felipe Forte

A mix of different theories with no coherence or ties to practical necessities nor experience.

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