What do you think of smartphones with styluses?

I’ve never used a Smartphone with a built-in stylus, and it seems that aside from the Galaxy Note, not a lot of manufacturers are keen on including them. However, I have heard that some people swear by it and that some think it greatly enhances the usefulness of a phone. Does anyone here fall into that category? I’m curious as to why you like phones with styluses and what your favourite uses for it is.

I’m also curious about people who have used a phone with a stylus but either didn’t like it or didn’t think it was useful enough to warrant taking up space in the phone. What are your thoughts?


I had a Note 4 for the longest time, and the stylus was handy for fine control when I wanted to draw something. You could also set the phone to show a notepad on the lock screen whenever you pulled the stylus out of its slot, which was convenient for quick note-taking. Other than that, I almost never used it, and I don’t miss it at all now.

I have a note 10+ and I like the stylus, but it’s a “meh” nice to have feature.


the last stylus i got with a phone was fucking garbage, it was double the size of a normal pen, the ribber tip didnt glide along the surface (even when the screen is clean), so overall a bad stylus. the stylus for my nintendo switch however… its a godsend, it? fucking, glides, mainly because its metal and not rubber, and it works for ALL touchscreens not just switch.

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