podcast to youtube feed

Yesterday, I was listening to this podcast in which Steve Gibson shared a funny story about a retired microsoft engineer who now runs a youtube channel and his program in assembly. anyways today that guys channel is now in my youtube feed. how is it possible ? Coincidence ??


The most likely answer is the simplest: many people listened to the podcast (especially people like you, as per Google’s profile of them and you), and a portion of them searched for the channel - YouTube uses this information to deduce that you also may be interested.


makes sense,

but can google know about my listening a podcast even if listen in antennapod?

Though, I have used google podcast for a long time before switching to antennapod. so probably google has profiled about my choices in podcasts when I was using their product.


Many, many apps and websites use Google analytics. So it’s certainly possible that Google knows you listened to the podcast. But the problem with “big data” is that they don’t need to know specifically that you did, they can infer from large amounts of data that you likely listened to it.


check your microphone settings? Pilfer Shush could also give you some insights

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