One of my favorite languages is c (because of lots of reasons) and i know the basics of the language (i.e operations and op. order to pointers and particular behaviors of specific standards) but i still feel like i lack something.

I am not talking about generic programming knowledge but of specific quirks of the language. When can someone say “i am pro efficient with $language”? Thanks


I think no matter how good I might be, I will always feel like a beginner with no knowledge so I don’t really know haha


ayy :D

I think it’s when you can guide people who have questions or problems in it, if you can do that with almost any question that is presented to you, I think that’d mean you’re good at it. Or at least halfway there, because the other half would be being able to apply that knowledge to any question/problem you have in whatever you make. In the end it’s just how much you know about it and how skilled you are at using what you know

If nothing else, “pretty good” isn’t like an official level of proficiency or anything. If you say you’re “pretty good” and someone else disagrees, you’re not going to get in trouble or anything, lol


I would say when you solve the bugs and problems with your code mostly by yourself.


Isn’t that generic programming knowledge (i.e you don’t know why the program bsods your machine and you find out that a function page faults which is something that can happen in a lot of low level languages/ high level that work closer to the machine)


If you are looking for something formal, take a look at SFIA and try to adapt it to C trivia.

In general, it is practically impossible to distinguish experts and bullshitters 100%.


wow interesting. thanks

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