Now with a single source photo and zero technical expertise, an iPhone app called Avatarify lets you actually control the face of another person like a puppet. Using your phone’s selfie camera, whatever you do with your own face happens on theirs. Avatarify doesn’t make videos as sophisticated as pro fakes of Tom Cruise that have been flying on social network TikTok — but it has been downloaded more than 6 million times since February alone.

We always knew this was going to get easier and easier, and whilst this app is really not perfect, it is incredibly easy and quick to do. I did one in less than one minute using the demo mode.


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I remember when all adults were acting like this when the Internet became huge: “don’t trust everything you see there, it’s all lies and conspiracy theories, we know better, we double check everything and make our own minds”.

Nowadays most people, from boomers to zoomers, trust absolutely anything, especially if it’s completely ridiculous. Fake news basically make people more ignorant and hateful, which is exactly what politicians need: an agitated angry ignorant mass ready to believe anything.

With deepfakes I don’t think it can get worse, it’s the same all over again.


I’ll just drop my two cents here and say that we as humans should not rely for our way of life on anything being impossible, because most likely, it isn’t - it’s just that we haven’t actually done it yet.


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it certainly can be a bad thing, but just like most tech, being able to deep fake yourself as an activist or someone targeted might be a handy tool…

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