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Night drive in a 530e. Pressed the high beam assist button, but a message from the car essentially said "no, you need to buy the feature first on the ConnectedDrive store." BMW and Merc both keen to do this more in future, so this won't be the first time we'll see it... 💡💰 pic.twitter.com/hQzkwhP1Oe— Jake Groves (@_jakegroves) March 24, 2021

Nothing to see here. I’ve got a 2015 VW Polo and when I press the voice assist button it displays a message that it needs to be activated. And imo, calling high-beam assist a safety feature is a bit of a stretch. It’s a nice thing to have, just like automatic wipers or headlights. Compare that to ASB or ESR, which automatically mitigate accident severity and can save lives.


I don’t drive. I looked it up, and it’s described as a safety feature, but that might be wrong, if machines can’t manage high-beams better than any humans. That said, when I’m a passenger, drivers have told me that plenty of humans are not managing their high beams well.

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