Like a lot of people, I hate advertisements. In my quest to remove ads as much as possible, I’ve installed an ad blocker in my browser. To go further, I’ve installed Pi-Hole to block ads for all devices on my home network. I’ve even setup firewall rules to re-route all DNS traffic through Pi-Hole. This setup seemed to work pretty well until I noticed I was still seeing ads in an app on my Android phone.

For Firefox, it may be wise for Pi-Hole to have an option to enable the canary domain so that it sticks to standard queries on your home network even if DoH is enabled by default.


Thanks for that link! It was easy enough to add that domain to Pi-Hole’s Local DNS section.


I use AdAway on android ( and ublock origin on firefox/chromium. They work well enough for me. There are also doh servers that block ads and you can manually set them.

I’m using Blokada.

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