I know of:

  • Tusky
  • Fedilab

I don’t know which of the two to use. They are quite similar in a lot of regards and I don’t think I’ve seen all differences.

Do you prefer one or the other or another option? Why?

Requirement is that the App needs to be available on F-Droid.

thanks for your opinions.


I found tusky lighter and more reliable. In my experience.

Fedilab is featured loaded with many options I don’t use (nor need).

Both easy to use and config 😉


I use tusky and really like it,its slick and fast even on my old fairphone 2




Using Firefox you can make webpages into apps so I kinda like using that. Otherwise, Tusky.


I’ve only ever used Tusky or something derived from it (Husky is basically the same thing but more orange and cuter)


Just an FYI Husky and OpenTusky (or FreeTusky I forget the name) are mostly Tusky with it’s restrictions on using banned far-right instances removed or something like that.


Husky is for pleroma. Pleroma is a lot better than mastodon. it’s just not well marketed.


That’s not surprising but the puppy icon is worth it I think, it’s not Nazis are going to use it less if other people stop using it


deleted by creator


Tusky disrespects user freedom, it therefore shouldn’t be used nor recommended to anybody.

In this freedom, it is the user’s purpose that matters, not the developer’s purpose; you as a user are free to run the program for your purposes, and if you distribute it to someone else, she is then free to run it for her purposes, but you are not entitled to impose your purposes on her.

And before someone quotes me this:

For example, if the code arbitrarily rejects certain meaningful inputs—or even fails unconditionally—that may make the program less useful, perhaps even totally useless, but it does not deny users the freedom to run the program, so it does not conflict with freedom 0. If the program is free, the users can overcome the loss of usefulness, because freedoms 1 and 3 permit users and communities to make and distribute modified versions without the arbitrary nuisance code.

That’s exactly what happened.

Edit: I can’t make a coherent sentence, lol

To the people downvoting me: care to explain or will you say nothing?


I have a few words for tusky and the also the downvoters.

I don’t like Tusky because the developer takes a political stance to what instances he will allow to use with the app.

If this is true, then they’re similarly abusing power like the big corporations does. It’s worse even. they are left with less choice. this is in fact some sort of oppression. if we don’t want them to be around then we can simply ban them from the servers, and that’s enough. let the nazi have their little own shower party, we shouldn’t choose people we deem as sick to further them away from our society. that would even make them more solid and have more stronger feelings against us. remember, they are just humans like you and me, once also an innocent child who may be just like you at first. rather than doing that we should just leave them be, oppression isn’t just the way.

I want most people to not act on hate. rather than that, rationalize and think what they could do to change the wrong things.


Oppressing far right zealots is cool and good


That is utilitarianist.

Do you realize that you’re just validating their ideology?



Because, the reason so many of them hate gays, jews, trans people, you name it, because they think those people are trying to oppress them/want to erase them/etc.

By actually oppressing them, all you are achieving is doing exactly what they thought you were doing, therefore reinforcing their thinking that X people are oppressing them



So you don’t have a worthwhile response. Got it.


yes i don’t have a worthwhile response to this dumbassery

Why is it dumbassery?


hey don’t worry about it. I’m totally with you here. you don’t have to talk with people like that.

(sorry for the late reply)

Thanks. I was gonna die on this hill


I use Tusky, the UI is nice and clean, it’s snappy, and generally works well in my experience.

Fedilab. First one I liked when I started out on Mastodon a couple of years ago, and haven’t felt a need to try anything else.


I use Tusky. Super simple to use for me. I gotta try some of the other options mentioned in the comments


the website


I currently use Tusky, but I have used Fedilab. I found Tusky to be simpler, as Fedilab has a ton of settings. If you prefer customization, Fedilab is definitely your best bet. If you want to just use Mastodon without configuring anything, Tusky is great.

None right know but when I do Fedilab.

Mainly because I’m the combination of a stallmanite and a lazy person


Subway Tooter. It’s the most customizable of the Mastodon Apps. I also often just use the mastodon.social mobile browser site is quite good. You could probably turn it into a PWA.


I’ve used Tusky, Fedilab and Husky and the various web front ends. I think Husky maybe the best out of the clients though Fedilab is really good albeit a bit overwhelming. Honestly though I just use the web front end most of the time though.


I have both. Tusky is a simple one and Fedilab has many options. Pixelfeed for some reason ain’t working on both.


As none mentioned, Subway Tooter Is the most power user thing you can find, it’s on IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repo, you can manage multiple accounts, and perform actions on a toot accessible from one account with other account, have multiple conversations opened at same time, and the feature list go on.


combine twitter and mastodon.


i take this back. twidere is way better.

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