Ability to remove lemmy.ml

A simple feature request. My main instance already federates with lemmy.ml so I’d like to not have it cluttering up the lists.

Sorry for the late reply: it is possible to remove an instance (it was possible from the very begging): https://github.com/krawieck/lemmur/issues/193#issuecomment-806724309

Though like the comment says, so many people miss it that we will change it to something more obvious


The swipe to delete makes intuitive sense to a seasoned Android user with, say, email items in an email app for fast deletion/mark as read, but might need some tutorials for once-in-a-blue-moon stuff like adding and removing instances :). Either way thanks for the response.

We changed it to a long press which opens a context menu with available options, we hope it will be more intuitive

I agree.

Also I find it weird how one can’t delete an account from the app without removing it from the whole instance.

I’m not sure what do you mean, could you elaborate?

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