The Perils of JavaSchools

Lazy kids. Whatever happened to hard work? A sure sign of my descent into senility is bitchin’ and moanin’ about “kids these days,” and how they won’t or can’t d…

What do you think guys? is it still valid today?


This is one of the most gatekeep-y things I’ve ever read. Thought it was an onion article. If you’re a recruiter and not able to discern great programmers from mediocre ones, then you’re a vad recruiter. Insted he blames it on the colleges. I understand that he worked really hard to accumulate his knowledge and I respect it.

The current state of IT though requires a great amount of mediocre programmers. And that’s fine. Colleges will produce mediocre programmers who will get a 9 - 5 job, get paid and go home. This guy spends half of this article blowing up his own ass on how good he and people who went through his lesrning process are. And that’s true. They are good. Doesn’t mean that everyone who comes out of a CS programme should be the same.

This is weird and kind of sad. Maybe I’m seeing this from a wrong angle.

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