Monopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on Sustainability
Monopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on SustainabilityMonopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on SustainabilityMonopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on Sustainability

The entire Go Green Edition is crafted from sustainable materials. The packaging, game board, money, cards, and trays are made from 100-percent recycled paper. The game tokens themselves (including a dinosaur!) are made from a plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, and the dice and houses come from responsibly sourced wood.

But it isn’t just the physical game board and accessories that celebrate sustainability — the game’s themes do the same. This edition finds players investing in renewable energy like solar fields and wind farms. And instead of taking railroads, you take bike paths. While the properties are the same and the rules remain unchanged, this vision of the game is decidedly much friendlier to the environment in several ways.


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Irony 100


There could be a good idea behind this. Monopoly was designed to prove that getting money from rent is no good as it creates monopolistic owners systematically.

Instead of just being just a theme variation on monopoly, I think a clever game designer could make significant changes to the gameplay by introducing limited resources like fossil fuels, and environmental impact like CO2 concentration that would impact everyone regardless of who emitted them.

This could be a neat way to convey ideas like tragedy of the commons, and that without regulation, the free market and individual interest lead to common misery and environmental disaster.

Going even further, the game could propose “good” endings that would require everyone to agree on not chasing their individual interest to get richer than the other. Explaining the basis of why politic is useful, and that cooperating with people around you, while it could seem like a costly move in the present, could lead to your own interest in the future.

But Hasbro probably wouldn’t agree to me producing the game with the same materials at the same price point. So any change like that is probably do as I say, not as I do.


I’m not talking about something would realistically be made by Hasbro, it’s more an idea of a game design. It was just to point out that while the idea seems absurd, I think games can be a great tool to learn about the tragedy of the common, and the fundamental flaws of liberalism.

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