I have the bitwarden firefox extension installed on Firefox on my Windows work machine and the TOTP codes on windows are different than the codes on my phone. I just checked my personal Debian machine and the codes are perfectly synced. Any ideas?

Is the time on your windows machine set correctly?


It seems to be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was configured by our IT team and off by a minute or so. I notice my Outlook notifications on my phone pop up faster than on my Windows machine.

Try using a site like time.is to check how far off. TOTP codes are based on the current time rounded to the nearest 30 second interval, i believe, so more than that may cause issues. Typically servers accept codes that are off by one interval though


According to that site my machine is about 18 seconds off. So that gets me closer. I’ll have to talk to our IT department.

do the codes not work? Or are you just concerned because they’re not the same


The code on my windows machine doesn’t work

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