Do you love retro gaming and emulation? How about pocket sized devices, powered by Linux that you can take anywhere? The FunKey S looks like a really sweet bit of kit.

Shame about the micro b port. Really don’t know why that is used still by anything.

There are likely still many stockpiles of the connectors sitting in boxes and warehouses all over the world, that suppliers are willing to part with at very low prices, just so they don’t have to bother recycling them.


What is the issue with micro b? I legit don’t know, maybe it’s cheaper or something.


it is definitely cheaper, with usb c being the most expensive out of all usb iirc, but getting a device that doesn’t have a usb c connector means that you will have to always have one more cable for the duration of a lifespan of that device, which is annoying

Honestly would’ve rather taken a sligthly larger device for an audio jack.

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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