LSD — microdosing LSD in the name of self-improvement | Deutsche Welle Documentary
Some say LSD produces hallucinations and lowers inhibitions. Others believe it makes people more capable, efficient and creative. In Silicon Valley, many even say LSD can be a tool for self-improvement. More and more people in Germany are discovering what’s known as microdosing in order to be the best they can be. Every three days, a 28-year-old man takes his LSD out of the freezer and slowly lets the ice cube containing the drug melt on his tongue. He’s taking ten micrograms of LSD. He learned about it online and says the allegedly harmless dose makes him feel more focused, productive and empathetic. The trend from Silicon Valley is an open secret at many innovative start-up companies. Paul Austin, who’s something of an LSD guru in Silicon Valley says, "People who responsibly take psychedelic drugs in microdoses will rule the job markets of the future.” But others are sceptical. They warn about self-medication, saying there’s no way of knowing the LSD’s concentration. If things go wrong, psychoses and persistent sensory disorders may follow. But this documentary shows there is more to it. After years of being locked away with the poisons, 'acid' is back and a hit among a new generation of researchers and doctors. Some say it can ease depression and anxiety. So is LSD good medicine? This film explores the past and present of a drug that was legal until the 1960s and was used by doctors to treat the blues and alcohol addiction.

Okay, firstly - hello!

This is my first post on Lemmy. If I’m doing something wrong - please let me know. Also - sorry for my english.

Actually I’m trying to gain knowledge about microdosing. I have experience with psychedelics (and other drugs), so I am aware how it could work, but still - there is not many reliable sources about it.

If someone is not familliar with it - it’s about taking very small ammounts of LSD or Psilocybin in period of, depends, like three months. People claims is a very good thing for your productivity, motivation, presence. Very important is to not take too much - it’s not about tripping though, it’s about self-improvement.

The guy from this documentary started this project called Third Wave - but this worries me somehow, it has commercial approach (what is cool in term of making this topic popular, but still…)

Do you have any thoughts, sources or experiences you could share with us here? Thanks for that!

PS. Should I tag it NSFW?

well, imo even though i have no proof whatsoever i think it is bullshit. sometimes i smoke really small amounts of weed and i still feel some heaviness throughout the day so i cant even think how it must feel consuming a small dosage of lsd. still maybe what i consider a small amount of weed is in fact more than a small dosage of lsd and it could have its benefits.

theres a movie called drunk i think, its starred by mads mikelsen and it is about somethig similar, but with alcohol. i also think that u may generate tolerance and you will end up needing more and more, but again maybe im missing something.

i am the admin of this communiy and i dont think the nsfw tag is necessary, unless the server admins think so, in which case the whole communitt would need to be it. but i dont think its necessart


Yup, thanks.

I’m not a specialist on that topic (as I said) but just few things:

  • Did you ever tried LSD? Because if you never had this experience it would be clear why you’re comparing it to weed. I don’t think it should be compared to anything. Ah, and we’re talking about 10 micrograms twice a week for three months.
  • About alcohol - I know what you’re talking about, but also think that it cannot be compared - LSD is not influenting the same parts of brain, it’s completely different architecture. But of course I think that our body can generate tolerance for everything - and maybe microdosing is just about generate the tolerance in some way. But I can imagine that making tolerance for LSD you would need to take it every day - and we’re talking here about ten micrograms just twice a week. And it’s not about to feel effect - it’s about long term process.

“One of the Biggest Dangers of Microdosing is Accidentally Macrodosing”

Check out this article from The Cut

yeah ive tried lsd, well not lsd but third world anfets that immitate it, ive tried shrums, too. my longest trip was something like 14 or 16hs i think. still i dont have any idea of the amount thateans since i never had the chance to do it in a controlled way

i think you can generate tolerance without consuming every day tho, i ve consumed acid a couple of followed weekends or with some days in between and it was the same batch and it started to hit me less strong. but i agre with that dosage and timelapse it wouldnt be the same

ill try to read the article a provide a better insight tomorrow, its night oer here and im tired

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