warning: capitalism encroaches on magical thinking
Juxting — A Fountain of Ideas

This is an article about juxting — coming up with ideas by randomly juxtaposing two things and seeing the ways they could relate to each…

I don’t mean the technical term magical thinking as much as the broader set of mind necessary for approaching magical stuff, which then includes a lot of the “assume meaning until proven otherwise” heuristic core to magical thinking qua technical term.

It was one thing when the Surrealists picked up on techniques for making meaning out of what might sensibly assumed to be random. Plenty of them were involved in various flavors of the occult anyway.

But for the Startup Brains to come upon cleromancy and determine it fit for their use – I will not have it. I will not have it, I say!


same system that brought you “the invisible hand”


I’m gonna start using the term startup brain now 😂. But it’s pretty hilarious that the end result of all these brainstorming techniques is to invent something that’s already been invented.


I mean I could definitely see a social network with a highly aestheticized personality test component taking off (cough millennials and hogwarts houses cough) but hoo boy am I Not A Fan of whatever this is:

The discrepancy makes you realize that a huge cluster of people fascinated by the exact same types of things as you would be an immensely powerful source of entertainment and information, a far better content aggregator than Reddit or Hacker News could ever be. Another feature to prioritize and a great promotional point, one sure to send VCs salivating should you ever need their help bringing this to life.


Can you explain how the text you wrote relates to the medium post?


The juxtaposition he’s talking about is equivalent to cartomancy pressed into service for refining a startup idea. You don’t have to share my distaste for it, of course .

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