I am writing a book currently and found many sources in The Truth About Hungary which are really interesting but I’d like to read the originals

Edit: Sorry I should’ve specified - I meant more for historical articles as I’m reading some books like Herbert Apheker and even Stalin where I’d like to see what Financial Times was saying in 1930s…NY Times in 1950s etc

RED Vulpix

try accessing them from archive.org

You will probably have to go to a library, maybe at a university. See what they have in their catalog. Maybe a public library has it or it may only have popular literature

You could try with outline.com.



Available on Android as well, with Iceraven browser.


I click reader view and reload the page and that usually works for me


A surprising amount of paywalls can be bypassed by simply turning off Javascript with an extension like NoScript, as they are completely implemented client-side with Javascript.


You can almost always find backups if you paste that article into archive.org or archive.is


Thanks that’s great, I was thinking more of trying to read say a NY Times from 1951

So (as an example) there is some info in april 17 1951 I’d like to see first hand and googling takes you to NY Times but asks for a subscription


I did try this in both the wayback machine and just a search on archive.org but couldn’t find anything


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