ETA on clickable links?

i understand the app is a work in progress but this would be a nice feature to have working. also, to whom should i complain / report bugs / make suggestions in the future?

Update: there was an error in F-Droid’s manifest hence why it did not pick up on v0.3.0. F-Droid guys (as always incredibly helpful) fixed it very quick after I voiced my concern about lack of updates for lemmur. So hopefully F-Droid’s build system will soon pick up on this change and build the new version :)


The link to the repo is in the community sidebar. The issues page specifically is at

As I understand it, links should work fine but there’s an issue with lemmur 0.2.3 and android 11 that was fixed in lemmur 0.3.0. However fdroid still only has 0.2.3 so I haven’t been able to confirm that myself.


thats my problem, im on fdroid. need to get on github, heh

I’m very surprised that 0.3.0 is still not on F-Droid. We released it 20 days ago (together with many other important features). I will check what’s up with fdroid

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