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20.10 2020.10.25

Added: Ataraxia Linux (thanks to Protonesso)
Blacklisted: Swift (celebrity related distro)
Blacklisted: ChaletOS (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: OpenNode (no distro found)
Blacklisted: Gnu-HALO (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: How-Tux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Satanic Edition (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Mamona (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Garuda (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Fusion (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: FoX (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: HP Secure (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: AsianLinux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: epiOS (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Apricity (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: MorpheusArch Linux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: SwagArch GNU/Linux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Maui Linux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Handy Linux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Impi (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Xebian (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Bluewall (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Amber (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Euronode (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Polippix (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: ZoneCD (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Armed (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Happy Linux (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: EvilEntity (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Storm (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: Ultrapenguin (too short lifetime)
Blacklisted: SuperRescue (too short lifetime)
Continued: Red Flag (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Continued: Finnix
Continued: Draco
Discontinued: Point Linux (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Discontinued: Viperr, Lunar Linux, Sonar GNU/Linux
Discontinued: Tanglu
Discontinued: Container Linux (previously CoreOS)
Discontinued: Antergos (thanks to pushkar-bharambe)
Discontinued: Flint OS (merged into CloudReady)
Discontinued: Superb Mini Server, Christian Edition
Discontinued: Ulteo, DEFT, Voyage Linux, UHU
Discontinued: Semplice, LinuxBBQ, wattOS, UberStudent
Rebased: SUSE
Rebased: Kali (based on Debian)
Rebased: Volumio (based on Debian)
Rebased: SystemRescueCD (Arch since 2019.02.02)
Rebased: WHAX (based on Slax)
Rebased: Backtrack (Ubuntu since 2010.01.9)
Rebased: MAX (Ubuntu since 2007.03)
Rebased: Netrunner (Debian since 2016.10.23)
Rebased: Linkat (OpenSUSE since 2009.10.15)
Rebased: Linkat (Ubuntu since 2011.11.25)
Rebased: Stresslinux (OpenSUSE since 2010.04.13)
Rebased: Hiweed Linux (Debian since 2004.7.22)
Rebased: Hiweed Linux (Ubuntu since 2006.09.25)
Rebased: deepin (Debian since 2015.12.30)
Renamed: Void to VoidLinux
Renamed: Ylmf to Ylmf OS (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: Sparky to Sparky Linux (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: Happy to Happy Linux (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: deepin (various) (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: Elementary OS to elementary OS (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: gnuLiNex to gnuLinEx (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: Ubuntu DesktopPack to Ubuntu-Pack (there are multiple edition,
not only desktop related) (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: GuixSD to Guix System (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Renamed: Raspbian to Raspberry Pi OS
Renamed: SystemRescueCD to SystemRescue
Renamed: Voyage to Voyage Linux
Renamed: Auditor Security Linux to Auditor Security Collection
Renamed: Arch to Arch Linux
Fixed: link for VoidLinux (thanks to Unrealrussian)
Fixed: link for Lihuen
Fixed: links for SystemRescueCD/SystemRescue
Fixed: link for MCC Interim (thanks to SoulRepo)
Fixed: link for Red Flag (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Fixed: Slackware started before Debian
Fixed: start date for Nethserver (not definitive)
Fixed: start date for Chromium OS
Fixed: deepin history (thanks to xingjiapeng)
Misc: rewrite of in POSIX shell by konimex

So you think you are a Linux User? Name all the distros.

Amazing work


Thank you :)

Do you think it would be feasible for mobile linux distributions to have a distinction from normal distos either in the branch itself or in the location?


Is not feasible


Nice. I guess a few can be added to the CentOS branch in 2021 (CentOS stream, Rocky)


Well, Rocky and AlmaLinux are based on RHEL sources, while CentOS Stream is between Fedora and RHEL to my understandings


holy shit i never knew there were 𝘴𝘰𝘰 many distros, it seemed to me that there was only mint, and arch. thats popular atleast.


This is a really cool project. It’s insane to see how big some of the root distros are and how small even popular ones like arch are are, even if a list like this is never truely complete. It’s also cool being able to see smaller distros here and looking them up.


In the last years have spawned an increasingly number of Arch based but it is very rare they have a “State of the Art” packaging, while I’m increasingly interested to add distribution that are real open source projects and provide a decent quality


easy for Linux users to never learn about the kernel with so much userland.

I read somewhere that Debian was related to Slackware, is that not so?


Debian was (not only) created as community project in reaction to Slackware being led by a single person to my recall. How much they where similar or divergent back in the day is far beyond me

What about grapheneOS?


I’m aware of the work of Daniel Micay since several years, I’m looking to add GrapheneOS for the next version (October 2021), I need to contact him for details about his work


and calyx os aswell


I have heard of CalyxOS for the first time in the last weeks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution (or distro for short).

Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project. Many Linux distributions use the word “Linux” in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.

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