The daily shower would be hard to sustain in a world without fossil fuels. The mist shower, a satisfying but forgotten technology which uses very little water and energy, could be a solution. Designer Jonas Görgen developed a do-it-yourself kit to convert almost any shower into a mist shower and sent me one to try out. This article is also available in French. The Carbon Footprint of the Daily Shower The shower doesn’t get much attention in the context of climate change. However, like airplanes, cars, and heating systems, it has become a very wasteful and carbon-intensive way to provide for a basic need: washing the body. Each day, many of us pour roughly 70 litres of hot water over...

Always interesting articles on that website ;)


However, showering does not only wash the body. A shower that’s entirely focused on cleaning the body – a so-called Navy shower or Sea shower– takes very little time, energy and water. A Navy shower consists of a 30 seconds shower to get wet, soaping the body while the water is off, and is completed by another 30 second shower to rinse the soapy water.

That’s an interesting point. I noticed that I sometimes I just stand in the shower to think instead of cleaning myself.

In earth sciences at school we did thankfully talk about the water footprint of our daily habits and products we consume, so I usually try to conserve water by turning the water off when soaping and shaving – although I’m not yet as quick as those Navy lads.

Edit: I found some resources on what we discussed in class, if anyone’s interested:


Taking a sponge bath seems like the easier green alternative here…


Or even not taking a shower every day. Like that just dries out the skin unnecessarily D:


When I became a Dad, later turned 30 and got a team leader position at the company I work for I started to smell of rancid sweat in no time after a shower - deodorant or not. Luckily there’s a pandemic raging across the globe which means I can work from home with my rancid smell of sweat and thus shower less.

I keep my hair short, shower quickly and use only organic Aleppo soap (40%) top to bottom. The next best way to do it would be to replace the current nozzle with a mist one once the current nozzle craps out on us.

Then I could fight the rancid sweat with a somewhat better conscious. Sucks to be the guy that looks proper but smells like a hobo ;)


Ah, sorry, didn’t even think of that. Ye, that’d be a valid reason to shower a lot. But don’t forget the body-lotion after showering :D


stinkers unite! yeah you are right, home office is a godsend for us :)

Oh man, think of the tropical countries. Sweating at 30C+ is not very pleasant with showers imagine without! lol

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