After some delays the crowdfunded indie fighting game with characters designed by acclaimed cartoon producer Lauren Faust, Them's Fightin' Herds, will release for Linux on March 25.

Does anybody know if this game is SFW? I mean, they don’t show the ponies in some suggestive positions in some animations, right? I really love the idea but I dont want it to some weird fetish thing.

D. Moonfire

The game won’t have naughty bits, but the fan art will. Rule 34 is always there.

Well, I don’t care about fan art, though, I am not into that tbh.


It’s based on a kids TV show, so I don’t think that will be a problem. You seem to surf in strange parts of the internet :p

I think you don’t know MLP fandom at all, you don’t need to go to strange places of the internet to see that. -_-


Na I was just messing with you :p “Takes one to know one” and all that…

But I think the game is SFW, otherwise the reviews on Steam would mention something like that. Have not played it myself though.

Oh, okay, sorry, it’s just that even though some part of the fandom are really awesome people it has a lot ugly people, too, and it is one of the things that shows off more than anything.

But, yeah, I also don’t think so since Lauren Faust helped with some parts of the video game and I don’t think she would have approved that.

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