Is there a good alternative to imgur ?

I don’t really like imgur but it’s cool to upload your picture just at one place so I’m wondering if there’s any nice replacement to it.

I would recommend as a imgur alternative. Its simple and easy to use.


Pixelfed is probably the best option. Here’s the main instance:

This one isn’t open source, but is much easier to use than imgur, and it can even do albums.


I thought that Pixelfed was more like an alternative to something like instagram (maybe it’s the same as imgur but I’ve never been a big instagram guy :downcast face with sweat: ).
Thx for the second one, it seems really cool even if it’s not open source.


They seem kinda different, but both are in the end just a place to upload pictures. The difference is that instagram and pixelfed have more user-centric / following type features than imgur, which was meant originally just to be a quick upload bin. Although now imgur is trying to be kind of a new social network in itself with having “tags”, votes, and comment threads.


This one isn’t open source, but is much easier to use than imgur, and it can even do albums.

I agree, I’ve been using postimages for sometime now.

Lutim is my alternative of choice.



Yeah, that’s the main reason I like it lol


In case you already use Nextcloud you can generate a link to share any file and for images you get a preview like this:

And from there you can copy the address of the image and embed it like you would with Imgur.


Other than there’s also in the same vein.

ImgBB (I think.) Its the least invasive I’ve found thus far.


I use catbox to host images, videos, & other files. You can create albums as well.

Are you (F)(L)OSS? no. Why don’t you release your source? Because a lot of it is messy and I don’t like competition.



I assumed it was based on the pomf code, but I guess not. I’d still recommend it for others though

I have used

33M and (“null pointers”) are great if you wanna share something quick with someone else, but they’re not a permanent hosting solution. IIRC images (files) get deleted after a year or less, depending on the size.


The one alternative should be Lemmy in the Future. People on reddit used it to publish many pictures, then reddit solved it poorly.


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