Here in France, a woman dies every two days at the hand of her male partner. The government has been reducing finances for and closing down sectors for family planning for years, and has used the covid19 crisis as en excuse to close even more public services.

All around the world, the right to abortion and social equality is under threat from religious extremists and masculinists. It’s not just in Saudi Arabia where some feminists are accused on terrorism. Abortion is in danger in Poland, Spain, Italy and many other countries.

In France, the infamous terrorist organization known as “Police Nationale” revealed its true face a year ago attacking the feminist march. That the police protects abusers and regularly insults, ridicules, assaults and rapes women and non-binary persons is nothing new or surprising. But the police brutally and publicly beating down feminist protesters while every body is watching is a worrying development.

Of course, this did not lead to a questioning of police as an agent of male domination (and other forms of domination as well). In fact, the French government led by former-banker Emmanuel Macron doubled down on its support to the police, trying to introduce regulations to outlaw filming police actions, and enforcing laws that reaffirm the legal rights of police to commit heinous crimes (presumption of self-defense).

In the United States, as militant neofascist organizations are on the rise and the neoliberal establishment is reinforcing State-mandated political repression against society’s undesireds, women in detention centers have been forcibly sterilized, following a long tradition in the US. In other parts of the country, State agencies have withdrawn financing and involvement in anti-abuse networks following Black Lives Matter.

Elsewhere in the world, the struggle goes on. Sorry i’m not so familiar with language/news from other parts of the planet. But around the planet, new borders are being erected, more soldiers trained and more prisons are built. The wave of authoritarian reaction we are going through is particularly affecting muslim women who have been throughout the Global North depicted as a threat against social progress and feminism.

It may sound harmless that a woman is removed from a flight for being a muslim, but it’s a symptom of a wider problem. In France in particular, where authoritarians left and right (yes, even the communists) have repeatedly dehumanized veiled women as agents of patriarchy and organized to kick young veiled girls out of schools, while the police undresses women, following a long colonial tradition.

Of course the coronavirus crisis, and the inhumane response to it, has been an even greater blow against women worldwide. In particular, domestic violence has strongly increased in the past year.

All this senseless violence and oppression must stop! Freedom, Equality, and Consent for all! Burn all prisons all police stations! 🔥🔥 🔥🔥

My regards to all persons on this planet struggling for dignity against sexual violence and repression <3 OUR BODY, OUR CHOICE

i don’t know a lot of resources in english but here’s a quicklist:





for l’hymne de femmes i get this: Please try to use different invidious instances to better the distribute load between them


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