Anti-solar panels would be completely contrary to a classic solar panel that could work throughout the clock.


Can we please stop up-voting links to this website? The articles are extremely bad, on the border of incomprehensible (Maybe GPT-2 written?) and very low on actual information. The technology they talk about here is (as far as I can tell) are not even a “anti-solar panel” but simply radiative cooling; total click bait.

Solar panels work by converting the light energy to electricity. The way anti solar panel makes it sound is that it gets energy from the lack of light, which isn’t possible.


I agree, but stretching the logic a bit: not all “solar panels” are photovoltaic. Some are simple heat collectors (often used for heating water) and those could be used in reverse during night times as radiative cooling to drive a stirling pump or something like that.

But nothing of that is explained in this really bad article with the click-bait headline.

Don’t get me wrong, solar panels are really cool. They can be pretty versatile, but aren’t very good for global energy production. Nuclear is a much more fesable source and is very sustainable.

building nuclear power plants takes too long to be a solution for climate change. It literally will be too late in 15 years when they will be done, given we start today.


Nuclear energy is risky business however.

Nuclear is less deadly than natural gas, and way less deadly than coal.

it’s risky business because they are really expensive. Look for the only one being built in the UK for example:


Oh, so it’s kinda like a plane in the sense that it’s actually safer but looks more dangerous to people?

Just a type of danger they aren’t used to.


Solar is good for energy production. They aren’t the only solution we will need but there are many applications where they make a lot of sense. Same with nuclear.

However this isn’t even about solar, it is a new technology that we don’t know if or how it can fit into the energy production story.

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