haha leave reddit, use lemmy

Friendship ended with Reddit. Now Lemmy is my best friend.


In the last years nearly every new feature just made Reddit worst.

Just wait until they remove the option to disable it and give some corporate speak excuse that they’re reducing confusion for users.

That’s how it always goes with all proprietary software. “Why are you complaining, you can turn it off!” quickly becomes “We got rid of that option because ‘nobody’ used it! Get used to it!” I saw this pattern in so many places over the late 2000s and 2010s that it turned a die-hard Windows user (me) into a FOSShead.

I posted this news on my subreddit with instructions on how to disable it.


I was wondering what the hell that was! Turning that off straight away.


fuck the monopolis


And they somehow figured out how to update the old design too. They couldn’t add any useful feature because of the legacy code but this goes live everywhere at once.


And of course this can’t be disabled in the old design even though it is active there.

It can actually, it’s under privacy settings in preferences. I’m not trying to justify this feature btw.


Ah you are right! I missed it and my searches didn’t have the right keywords.


Not sure why the guys on the comments are so mad. It’s no big deal.


It’s a privacy violation to turn this on by default, especially opens up people to stalking and harrassment.


Removing this dot wouldn’t make their lives any harder. A harasser can just send you nasty messages whether you are online or not. In which case you can block them. It’s extra useless for a stalker, Reddit still has RSS remember?


The vast majority of people don’t know about or use RSS, they use new reddit, and the indicator shows up to your name and comment when you’re online now. So this is going to encourage ppl to harass others because they can see that they’re online.


You don’t deal with this by taking away features from people mate. You deal with this with A) Effective moderation B) Decentralization or C) Being picky about who you let in It’s just a dot, it won’t change anything. It takes more to remove a dot from profiles to deter stalkers and harassers. Harassers will just assume you are always online, and stalkers will figure out when you are online and when you are not by looking at your posts, comments and upvote/downvote history.

Help me understand, what are your reasons for having an online indicator?


Nothing, it’s just a damn dot. It’s worthless. I’m compeletely indifferent about it. There are a lot of things to hate on Reddit privacy wise, but this dot isn’t one of these things.

Ah it’s you again with the worst take possible


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