I was a weeaboo in the early 2000s and got into it while studying Japanese culture. I bought a cheap go board online in 2004 (when buying things online wasn’t as easy as it is today) and I’ve been playing since. How about you?


After reading the book Shibumi by Trevanian. If you haven’t read it yet, do it, you are gonna love it. Lots of go strategies in it as well…


I’ve always been aware of the game, but I got interested in playing it ironically after watching Queen’s Gambit and wanting to find an alternative to chess as I never really liked the game. I saw Shut Up & Sit Down’s “review” of Go and decided to give it a shot on OGS. I picked up a physical board and stones lately so I can play out some games for learning purposes. I still mostly just play AI as I still have a bit of anxiety playing with humans but I’m enjoying my Go/Baduk/Weiqi journey.


I had always thought it looked cool, and tried to play a couple of times, but when I really started playing was when a friend at work agreed to play with me every day (about 2008 I guess). It was intense, but really fun. Now I play mostly online on Dragon Go Server, and look forward to in-person games again one day…


    Go, as it’s commonly known in English and Japanese, is an ancient board game of strategy common all over the world.





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