Smart watches are tricky for me. I like to have my fitness tracked and graphed, but I also love the feeling of a premium watch. Right now I wear a Apple Water Edition, which feels extremely premium, but I have the sensors taped over since I don’t trust its proprietary software, and don’t even use an iPhone regularly.

Contrarily, I’d love to wear a FOSS smart watch to track my fitness, but I’d then lose out on the quality feeling of a nice watch.

Its a tricky balance, and I hope at some point in the future a company builds a premium smart watch running a well polished FOSS OS


Is it weird I want one of each this and https://www.pine64.org/pinetime/

Currently using an offline Fitbit (configured once with a fake email address to sync the time, then uninstalled the app) and kinda realized over time I’m very opinionated about the watch interface and the business model behind it…

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